Rapid access to canine preclinical studies and leading PK expertise

Transpharmation is one of the few CRO’s that has both a CTLS and DL licence, permitting research with cannabinoids and controlled substances, including serotonergic psychedelics such as psilocybin and LSD, and phenethylamine entactogens such as MDMA. Our supplies ensure rapid start times and quick, reliable results.

Dogs are often used as a non-rodent species for pharmacokinetics (PK), safety pharmacology and toxicology studies, yet in today’s competitive environment non-rodent species can be difficult to source in timelines required for efficient drug development programmes. Transpharmation has a colony of non-naive Beagle dogs, increasingly being chosen as the non-rodent species to support preclinical PK and safety. We are well positioned to support preclinical exploratory work to best position assets for success in IND enabling studies, providing our clients with expert consultation, cost effectively.