The PXB-Mouse® is the most commercially advanced and extensively published Mu/Hu Liver Chimeric model for drug development. The PXB-Mouse® is used extensively in liver disease drug development as well as DMPK and Toxicological studies.

The PXB unique replacement method produces PXB-Mice® with normal human liver tissue and function including the secretion of human albumin and human-type bile profiles. Replacement indices average 80-85% for standard studies. The PXB-Mouse® liver further demonstrates normal human function via the expression of over 95% of mRNAs expressed in the normal human liver, as well as the expression of human metabolic enzymes and transporters.

Study Services

The PXB-Mouse® can be used in a wide range of studies including general Drug Metabolism, Pharmacokinetics & Safety or disease specific viral Hepatitis & NASH. Equally viable, the PXB-Mouse® can be utilized in emerging technologies such as Gene-editing. PXB-Cells® are also available for in vitro study requirements allowing translation of in vitro data to in vivo data with the same human hepatocytes.