Our Team

Meet the team! This is our senior management and scientific team. We're involved in many different projects across the globe, dedicating the right level of experience and expertise to every client project.

Mark Duxon

Mark Duxon PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Every day brings us closer to discovering a major breakthrough in the search for new drugs to prevent, alleviate or cure. Mark is passionate about translational biology and the pivotal role it has towards delivering this.

As CEO of well known CRO companies in France and Singapore, he has enjoyed a privileged position in leading and influencing vital drug discovery programmes. Here in the UK, as CEO of Transpharmation, Mark’s work continues in translational biology with innovative science at the core.

Joseph Araujo

Joseph Araujo


Joseph is focused on optimizing the translational value of Transpharmation's services to facilitate the development and approval of novel drugs. Joseph continues to be closely involved in projects utilizing, characterizing and developing the aged dog as a natural model of age-related human diseases.

Joseph is a strong proponent for the use of validated natural and/or translational animal models in drug discovery.

Mike Bishop

Mike Bishop

Global Chief Operating Officer

Mike Bishop joined Transpharmation in 2022 following a career that has taken him across the globe from Europe and Africa to North America. Never afraid to make a bold move, Mike is now responsible for all European revenue streams as well as HR, IT and Facilities.

Recognised for his services to leadership development at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst by the late Queen Elizabeth II in her last Jubilee Honours, Mike is passionate about investing in and developing people to ensure they realise their maximum potential within any organisation.

Guy Higgins

Guy Higgins PhD

Global Chief Scientific Officer

As the Chief Scientific Officer of Transpharmation, Guy brings over 20 years International CNS Research and Development experience with major BioPharma organizations such as Glaxo-Wellcome, Hoffmann-La Roche, Schering Plough and NPS Pharmaceuticals.

As a leader of functional CNS groups in most of these organizations, Guy has demonstrated a sustained commitment to the development and implementation of translational animal models to support the identification and progression of novel chemical entities from early discovery through to clinical development.