Transpharmation is committed to improving the clinical success of new drugs by developing and offering translational models and transformative research services. Our purpose is to reduce the risk in drug discovery by offering uncompromised, value-driven research solutions. However, current budget realities leave little room for high-quality, specialized drug discovery services, which often means the translational gap gets even wider.

The PK-Bridge program offers expertly designed pharmacokinetics studies carried out under the same high-standards as our other services, but at a price that is within reach of most discovery budgets. By strategically regulating the total number of these standardized studies that we run every month, we are able to stay devoted to improving and developing additional predictive models.

Our solution: The PK-Bridge program

Rodent PK studies include:

  • Up to n=6 male rats OR n=48 male mice
  • PO and IV dosing (other routes available)
  • Sampling at 8 standard time points up to 24 hrs post-dose
  • Samples shipped for analysis at additional cost

With bioanalysis and reporting:

  • LC-MS/MS method development and qualification for a test article
  • Processing and analysis of study samples
  • Pharmacokinetics analysis and standardized reporting