Collaboration between Zebrafish Lab and Transpharmation continues

Transpharmation Poland, based at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland are continuing their collaborative work with Zebrafish Lab, also based at the University, on the implementation of a functional zebrafish model for testing new chemical entities for neurobiological diseases. Their research covers many aspects of developmental biology and neurobiology. Particular emphasis is placed on the investigations concerning the function and the influence of various neuropeptides (especially galanin and PACAP-38) in the zebrafish, in relation to animal and human disorders. Equipped with a zebrafish breeding facility they are able to measure and quantify multiple molecular, biochemical, and physiological endpoints, both in the larvae and the adult fish. Ewa Sokołowska, Head of Transpharmation Poland, personally supervises the course of research. We believe that this cooperation will significantly contribute to the development of a new application of the zebrafish model in a highly translational manner.