Pain & Itch




In addition to providing a platform to study the potential for an NCE to reduce a specific aspect of a drug, known to contribute to its liability for abuse, i.e. efficacy based study, these same tests may be applied to investigate abuse potential of an NCE, i.e safety based study. Transpharmation has experience in either approaches to study an NCE.

Multiple Sclerosis

Parkinson's Disease

Essential Tremor

Alzheimer's Disease


Transpharmation offers a capability for assessment of NCEs in rodent and canine tests of cognition, providing an opportunity to identify efficacy for therapeutic indications associated with a cognitive disorder, and to support safety assessment of novel NCEs. Multiple tests are selected to offer a broad analysis of drug effects against distinct cognitive domains. Various means to challenge cognitive function are available, from natural (aging, task manipulation) to pharmacological. Some of these tests have direct human equivalents offering translational approaches to studying NCEs.

Anxiety, Depression & Fatigue

Schizophrenia & Autism